Business Router Management for Telco & ISP Brands

With BM COM’s BRM solution, TelCo operators can efficiently manage the life-cycle of voice and VPN systems while automating provisioning, monitoring in real time, and proactively troubleshooting with support for multiple vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, AudioCodes. It’s a comprehensive OSS management framework designed to optimally handle business edge routers.

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CE Router Management

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Key Features of Business Router Management

Enterprise IAD Management

BGP peerings, IP address and static route configurations compatible with both IPv4/V6 networks, Quality of Service optimizations for better performance, as well as NAT configuration capabilities.

Full Device Life-Cycle Management

Activating and deactivating services, upgrading or downgrading plans, backing up configurations for future reference and analysis, in addition to monitoring and troubleshooting solutions.


Establishing an encryption domain, configuring IPsec peers, creating IPSEC encryption policies and IKEv1 & IKEv2 are all essential elements to ensure secure connectivity.

Enterprise VoIP Trunks

Establishing ISDN PRI, BRI and POTS interfaces on the router for seamless VoIP call routing and number translation parameters, along with configuring relevant parameters for optimal Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) trunk performance.

How Business Router Management Works

Identify Network Requirements

Identify the current network requirements and the objectives that need to be achieved. This helps to assess any existing limitations, while further providing a basis for the next steps in the process.

Choose a Router

Based on the objectives that need to be achieved, operators can choose the most suitable router for their network. The policies created should offer an ideal balance of performance and security requirements.

Configure the Router

Once the router is chosen, operators can configure it according to their needs – including configuring BGP peers and other related parameters.

Monitor Performance

Monitor the router’s performance in real time to ensure optimal network operations. Alerts will be generated when any potential issues arise, allowing for proactive troubleshooting and resolution.

Business Router Management Functionalities

  • Service activation for P2P Fibre, DSL, xPON

  • Management options

  • MPLS Customer Edge Router

  • Full Device Life-Cycle Management

  • Workflow engine, supporting inter-device management tasks

  • Intelligent firmware management

  • Security management

  • Multiple NBI protocols – extendable on request

  • Interoperability ensures that all TR-069/TR-369 standard-compliant devices can be managed

  • Schedulable mass operations

Business Router Management

By leveraging the full potential of BMCOM’s BRM solution, businesses can gain access to an optimal network edge router management platform with advanced features and capabilities. This allows them to realize improved scalability, enhanced service quality, reduced overhead costs, and improved performance.

Business Router Management Use Cases

Comprehensive OSS Management

TelCo operators who require a comprehensive OSS management framework to effectively handle their business edge router life-cycle.

Secure Connectivity

Businesses that require secure connectivity and are looking to establish IPSEC VPNs or VoIP trunks on their networks.